The best thing about jewelry is versatility. Most of the pieces you buy are like perfect investments for your wardrobe. A dress may have its shelf life but a piece of jewelry can last you a lifetime. As creators and connoisseurs of jewelry, we know how integral a piece is in our wardrobe. Jewelry is used not only to add the perfect finishing touches to your outfit but also as a feel good factor. What’s even better is that a piece of jewelry can be always used with various kinds of outfits/ more than 1 ways to create a new look every time you adorn it…

“The only thing that is constant is change” – Heraclitus

When it comes to fashion, women are always looking for a change so they appear fashionably novel with the latest trends and styles.The changing tastes of modern women who don’t like settling for one design when they have the option to get more; A unique Detachable collection offers changeable jewellery that can be worn according to your outfit and mood, Or the second option stays styling the same old jewellery you possess in numerous ways to make it look striking and different!!

The” DETACHABLE STYLE” of jewellery is very much curated and opted for when it comes to real diamond, gold / any other precious metals or stones but we at ELEGANCE BY EUNOIAA even offer a range of detachables in necklaces, earring, scarf lariets, brooches and more where 1 piece of jewellery can be flaunted in more than 2 to 3 ways . These affordable handcrafted pieces are surely going to get a new spin to your wardrobe and collection!!!

Apart from Detachables the next thing that can work wonders is “STYLISE ” 1 jewellery piece in numerous ways like a tieup neckpiece which can be worn as a chokar or even a rope length sautior or possibly even as a waistband!!! or a brooch can be worn single, in cluster , in pair on a collar or footwear, or can simply be worn along with a stylish chain as a pendant!!! A chain pendant style jewellery can also be stylised in numerous ways…or a high chokar can be turned into a classic hair jewellery piece!!!

When invested smartly on your junk and fancy jewellery stuff stylizing new and out of the box looks with same pieces becomes very easy and gets a interesting touch to simple outfit…

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