Jewellery to opt this Summers…

We can feel it in the air: summer is just around the corner. With its arrival,its time to get out our summer clothes and accessories. And most importantly, its time to adopt the season’s must-haves: pronounced necklines, bare arms, bare legs,some accessories to spice up the look and up-do hair.This time of the year is perfect for showing off our jewelry. The summer looks enhance and give visibility to all the accessories chosen.

1.Pieces made with shells, conches or marine details are becoming a trend in jewelry. These elements related to nature represent the summer, the smell of the sea, the calm and beauty of the ocean.These are minimalistic, weightless and perfect statement pieces for the weather…

2.Moonstone, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Onyx, Aquamarine, Topaz, Malachite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger’s Eye… Natural gemstone jewelry is perfect to wear in summer. Their mystical, bohemian and colourful style stands out more than ever during the summer season.

3.No doubt, the anklet is the star jewel of this season. Every summer, our ankles cry out to wear this special accessory. When we wear this little jewel, the season of sun and heat is inaugurated. A nice anklet can turn a simple look into a more daring one. They look great with any kind of outfit: urban, beach, hippie, classic, sports, etc. Dare to decorate your ankles with your favorite jewelry!

4.Colorful beaded pieces are perfect to give life and a touch of color to all our outfits. We recommend you to wear several of them with different lengths or levels to create amazing combinations. You will love the result!

5.Go bold and bright with vivid enamel and big juicy gemstone pieces. They infuse a pop color to even the simplest summer dresses.

6.That easy-going summer vibe comes through jewelry made in earthy materials, like  bamboo pieces, which are inherently light, which allows for large-scale earrings without the weight.  Strands of earthy wooden and chalcedony bead necklaces add an element of style to breezy summer dresses or simple white t-shirts.

7.Initial jewelry is a great way to add some charm and personality to your summer style. For a sophisticated, yet still fun, take on initial jewelry, go with initial charms that are on the smaller side.

8.We’ve learned this year that life is too short to be anything but yourself, so do not be afraid to embrace the summer jewelry trend of statement chokers. It is go big or go home with this trend, with thicker and more extravagant chokers being seen on fashion runways. You can combine this trend with the layered necklace trend, and make your statement choker the first layer of your necklace stack.

9.As temperatures rise and we officially ditch our turtlenecks, necklaces become more and more popular. This year’s summer trend is to not only step up your necklace game, but to wear multiple necklaces at once. You can do with this with as few as two necklaces or go the opposite direction and wear 20 necklaces at once. Necklaces with different lengths are usually what gets worn because you can see them all at the same time and they dont get jumbled. However, there are no rules when it comes to stacking! Do not be afraid to play with different textures, beading and styles when creating your layered necklace look. This summer truly takes on the motto of, “more is more.”

10.Finally, lets take a closer look at a summer classic: the hoop earring. Hoop earrings are always in style but they look particularly stylish when paired with summer outfits. Hoop earrings look great with everything from beach wear to brightly colored cocktail attire.

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